Room on Rue Amelie
“How extraordinary to find love in the midst of war.” Ruby is an American who found herself in France married to a man she once loved, but hardly sees anymore. As war approaches, she finds herself alone, but not wanting to leave France. Her only “friend” is the girl who […]

Room on Rue Amelie by Kristen Harmel

Great Alone
“All this time, Dad had taught Leni how dangerous the outside world was. The truth was that the biggest danger of all was in her own home.” Leni’s parents are living a great love story – on the outside. Her father was a POW in Vietnam and her mother waited […]

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

How to Be a Perfect Christian 2
“But even through your imperfections, we’ll be here to pick you up and speak words of affirmation into your life throughout your walk with the Lord.” Warning: If you don’t enjoy or understand satire, please do not read this book! Many Christians try on a daily basis to live a […]

How To Be A Perfect Christian by the Babylon Bee

Reading People
“Once you understand yourself, you can stop fighting your natural tendencies and plan for them instead.” I am fascinated by personality studies and birth order. Reading People is all about that. While most books just focus on one type of personality test or one idea of birth order traits, Anne […]

Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of ...

Maiden's Blush
“No one should be reduced to feeling as frightened as a hunted animal. Would she forever hold such fear inside?” After living a very sheltered life, Katrina is thrown into the snow after being assaulted by a family friend. Even though she is a college graduate in search of a […]

Maiden’s Blush and Phantom Poetry by Kayla Lowe

Phantom Poetry 2
I chose some very interesting books from my bookshelf in June. The kids had several camps and we went on a road trip, which led to a lot of reading time. I read more than 10 books, although some of them were very quick reads.  Here’s what I read: I […]

Sarah Anne’s Bookshelf – June 2018

One Summer
“You can do everything perfectly. …And you still won’t get the results you deserve. Life is crazy and maddening and often makes no sense.” Jack is dying. He has a rare disease and is trying to hang on until after Christmas to enjoy one last holiday with his wife and […]

One Summer by David Baldacci

It Hurts But It's Necessary
“If you still have a pulse, you still have a purpose.” Why do bad things happen? It’s question we all think from time to time. Pastor Henry McMullen has written a short book sharing about how the bad things that happened in his life – his sister died, his mother […]

It Hurts But It’s Necessary by Pastor Henry McMullen

One Summer 1
If you are stopping by to find questions for your book club, please leave a note for me telling me where you are from! Welcome to the June Online Book Club. This month we’re discussing One Summer by David Baldacci. In One Summer, Jack is dying. He has a rare […]

Online Book Club: One Summer by David Baldacci

How the Irish Saved Civilization 2
“Wherever they went the Irish brought with them their books, many unseen in Europe for centuries …” When Rome fell, the world was on the verge of losing more than just a stable civilization – it was about to lose knowledge. Books were casualties of war. Yet, a few key […]

How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill