A Dog’s Journey
by W. Bruce Cameron

“You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.”

We often think about what our purpose is in life as human beings, but what if animals had a purpose in life as well? W. Bruce Cameron explores that idea in his books A Dog’s Purpose (review can be read here) and A Dog’s Journey.

I stumbled upon this book at the library during a blind date with a book event – you check out a book wrapped up in brown paper and don’t know what it is until you get home and unwrap it. I am so glad this was the book I picked.

The author explores fictionally the idea that a dog could have a higher purpose in life and continues to come back as other dogs until the purpose is complete – sort of like reincarnation for dogs.

The book gives a nod to the first book where the main character dog brought two people together to finally find love. The dog’s name changes throughout this second book as he finds himself watching over the couple’s granddaughter, Clarity, who faces a tough life with a narcissistic mother who spends the trust fund left to Clarity after her father died in a plane crash. Her mother keeps her away from all her extended family members and encourages Clarity to maintain her weight by binging and purging. The dog comes into Clarity’s life as four different dogs, helping her in the toughest spots in her life. It is written from the dog’s perspective and is very easy to read.

I would recommend this to any animal lover, although some of the themes are for adults (bulimia, emotional abuse, suicide, cancer). A book club would like this book – I know I wanted to talk to people after I read it.

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