A Murder in Time
by Julie McElwain

“If she were honest, she’d thought little of her nineteenth-century counterparts. She’d judged them and, because they were different, had found them wanting. It shamed her. These people might not have the sophisticated tools of her era, but they were all intelligent. She might not be able to trust them with her time-traveling secret, but she could trust them in this quest for truth and justice.”

FBI Agent Kendra Donovan is great at what she does – profiling serial killers. She mainly works behind a desk, but when a big break comes on a joint case with the CIA, Kendra finds herself in the midst of a shootout. She turns to help a coworker only to find out he has turned and she gets shot. Months in rehab give her time to think long and hard about revenge since the bad guy they were after is now a free man living as a CIA asset. She tracks down the bad guy only to stumble upon a passageway that leads her back to … 1815.

I picked up this e-book as part of Overdrive’s monthly Big Book Read where they encourage as many people as possible to read the book together and then talk about it. This book is the first in a series. I have not participated in any of the discussion groups.

Kendra spends the rest of the book in 1815 helping the people of the home she wandered into track down a serial killer. She uses her profiling skills even though as a woman of low status, she isn’t supposed to participate with the men in such things. She manages to push through several barriers and realizes her own preconceived notions of people living in the past are wrong. They end up being more sophisticated and scientific than she thought. She tries very hard not to let them know her secret of being from the future.

I enjoyed reading the book, but I could guess what was going to happen. Well, except for the jump from the present to 1815. I think the book may be taking after the Outlander theme and that was another series where I only read the first book. If you like Outlander, you will probably like this series, too. It does deal with graphic, gruesome crime, and while that may not bother some people, it does bother me. It was well written, and while it was not my type of book, I know many people who like crime novels would really enjoy this one.

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