The American Spirit by David McCullough

“From history we learn that sooner is not necessarily better than later … that what we don’t know can often hurt us and badly … and that there is no such thing as a self-made man or woman.”

David McCullough is a well-known author in history circles. He has written books on the Wright brothers, John Adams, Truman, the Johnstown Flood and the year 1776, among other important works on important people and events. His most recent book, The American Spirit, is a collection of his speeches. He is often asked to speak at college commencements, but has also given speeches to Congress and historical societies.

The first McCullough book I read was The Wright Brothers. It was very well written and very interesting to me since I live in the Dayton, Ohio, area where the Wright Brothers lived. A few months later, I read 1776 and really came to admire the way McCullough can take history and make it interesting and easy to read. When I saw that he had a new book out that was a collection of his speeches, I got on the wait list for the ebook at the library very quickly and it became available within a month.

I enjoyed reading this collection of speeches, although I think that since they span a great length of time, it would have been nice to see what events were happening in the world when he gave the speeches. I highlighted quite a few passages. He chose speeches that focus on coming together as Americans. Goodreads says, “This is a book about America for all Americans that reminds us who we are and helps guide us as we find our way forward.”

For anyone who enjoys history or McCullough’s books, this book is a must-read. It gives insight into his love of history and why he thinks it’s important for all Americans to know and understand true history – the good and the bad. It all comes together to make us the nation we are today.

Have you read any of McCullough’s books? Which ones, and did you like them? Comment below!

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