The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

The Bridge

“This was a holy night she would remember as long as she lived.”

For two years during college, Molly and Ryan were inseparable. Though they both had relationships with people back home, it was hard to deny that there was chemistry between the two of them. They would meet at a bookstore, The Bridge, and spend hours talking and encouraging each other to pursue their dreams. Then, a miscommunication has them parting ways with heartbreak. They both would think of each other often, but doubted they would ever see each other again.

I saw The Bridge at our library book sale and picked it up for a holiday read. It wasn’t as “Christmas-y” as most holiday reads are, but part of the story does happen at Christmas. It can really be read at any time of the year.

Ryan finds out that The Bridge has closed because the owner couldn’t afford to restore the building and inventory after a flood. Then, the owner gets into a car accident and Ryan goes back to see how he can help. Through social media, Molly finds out about how the community is supporting the bookstore owner and decides to go see how she can help, too. Will Ryan and Molly finally find out the truth behind their heartbreaking separation?

I really enjoyed reading The Bridge, even though there was some predictability to the plot. It was a short read, but very captivating. I cared about the characters right away. The book has been made into a Hallmark movie and I’m adding that to my to-watch list. I would recommend this book to any reader high school age or older. The characters are religious and pray to God, but it feels natural to the characters.

Who from your past would you like to reconnect with? Comment below!

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