Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist

Cold Tangerines

“I choose to believe that there is nothing more profound than this day.”

Cold Tangerines brings the message of “Seize the Day” to everyday life in its short 40 chapters. Shauna Niequist is baring her soul in the book and telling the world how she deals with marriage, motherhood, moving, friendships, weight, self-image and her relationship with God. In a clear voice she says, “This is where I am, this is where I want to be, and this is what I’m doing daily to try and get there.”

I have read many Niequist books and am always challenged to examine my own life when I read them. I think it’s mostly due to her honesty. Her willingness to be bravely transparent lets me know that others are in the same boat I’m in. A few of the stories in Cold Tangerines are repeated in her other books, but this book is one of her first books and I’m sure she pulled from earlier books for her devotional, Savor. I’ve also enjoyed reading Bread and Wine and Present Over Perfect by Niequist.

One of my favorite chapters is where she tells her friends the day after bringing her son home from the hospital that she slept with both the lights and her glasses on – just so she could see him clearly. Slowly she learned to keep the light off for longer, just as she learned that the house didn’t need to be intensely warm to keep the baby warm. “I think babies really do make you believe in God.” It’s an intense, emotional relationship a parent has with a child and Niequist lets you peak into her experience with total honesty.

I think any woman, but especially mothers, would enjoy reading this book. It is written from a Christian perspective, but talks more about life and how Niequist seeks to live it fully – every day. We all should strive for that. Cold Tangerines would make a good study book, especially for busy moms as the chapters are short and can be read quickly. The book I had even had discussion questions at the end.

What is your favorite Shauna Niequist book and why? Comment below!

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