Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber

Any Dream Will Do
“I was falling in love with him, and the one thing I couldn’t, wouldn’t, do was put him in a position where he had to choose between me and the church he served.”

Small decisions can send your life down a path you never thought you’d go down. Shay chose the wrong boyfriend and just when she gets free from that relationship, she decides to say yes to her brother and ends up in jail. Once she gets out, she has a difficult time embracing the second chance that is handed to her. She ends up in a one-year rehabilitation program thanks to help from a pastor who happened to find her in the back of his church the day she was released from jail. He is a widower and finds himself wondering how Shay is doing when he has time between his pastoral duties and raising two children.

Any Dream Will Do is one of the most recent Debbie Macomber releases. It was published in August 2017. I was on the wait list at the library for a few months before this book became available in Overdrive. I have enjoyed reading her books for many years and originally started reading her when I lived in the Seattle area since many of her books are set in that area.

Once the book establishes Shay’s life after the rehabilitation program, it delves into a relationship between Shay and Pastor Drew Douglas. She is great with his children and while they both know a relationship between a pastor and ex-con would have its challenges, they can’t deny that there is a strong chemistry between them and they would both like to explore the opportunity. However, a secret starts to come between them and Drew may start doubting if Shay is truly rehabilitated. Their relationship may be over as it’s just beginning.

Any Dream Will Do is a great romance story about second chances and believing the best in people. The romance is sweet and feels very realistic. I think any Debbie Macomber fan will enjoy this book. Most female readers who would like an uplifting story would enjoy it as well.

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