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I love reading! It really is one of my favorite things to do, so I find ways to read as much as I can. Often, this means finding small pockets of time – like when my child is warming up before a game, while waiting in the school pickup line or when I’m waiting for an appointment. Not a day goes by that I don’t read for at least a few minutes!

We all often have small pockets of time that we can use to pursue the things we want to do, relax or just let waste away. I actually found a book that talks about this – Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. She talks about finding little portions of time to write letters, scrapbook or just doing things she enjoys doing.

I’ve compiled five tips to really find time in your life to read more. I think one of my top tips, though, is that when I added reading on a Kindle, I was able to take my books with me everywhere because the Kindle fits in my purse.


Where are some small pockets of time that you could use to read? Brushing your teeth, cooking dinner, waiting in the school pickup line, during sports practice warmups, in waiting rooms?


Whether it’s a paperback tucked in your purse or car, an e-reader that fits in a tote, an audiobook download or an app on your phone – always have a book with you!


Find a 15-30 minute time slot in your schedule and make that your daily reading time – during breakfast or lunch, before bedtime or during a work break.


You can read during commercials if you’re watching TV, read on the treadmill while walking or listen to an audiobook while exercising. I sometimes read while cooking pancakes!


Choose reading over other activities. Read the book instead of watching the movie. Read the book instead of working on another project or chore. Just choose reading!

How do you find time to read?

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About Sarah Anne Carter

Sarah Anne Carter is a writer and reader. She grew up all over the world as a military brat and is now putting down roots with her family in Ohio. Family life keeps her busy, but any spare moment is spent reading, writing or thinking about plots for novels.