Forever Erma by Erma Bombeck 2

Forever, Erma

“Me? I just caved in and told my kids the other sock went to live with Jesus. They seemed to accept that.”

Socks do go missing in the dryer. Everyone has experienced this, especially with little kid socks. Erma Bombeck found the humor in this and wrote several columns about the socks that went missing. I have never laughed so much about socks!

Erma Bombeck is a well-know columnist, who started writing when she lived only about 30 minutes from where I now live. I have read a few of her famous columns over the years, but have never read a collection of her works. I wanted to get to know her writing style better, so I decided to read Forever, Erma. I grabbed it when it was on sale one day in my BookBub email. Every other year, there is a writing workshop in her honor and there is usually a writing contest to get free entry. I am going to try the next time it comes up.

Forever, Erma is the collection that her editors came up with after her death, as a gathering of her works that they felt was the best and most represented her writing. She tackles the serious with her humor, too, and I was really glad to see that. She writes about her father, who died when she was young. She writes about her stepfather and how he became a real father to her. She writes about the bittersweet-ness of children growing up. Each column is a delight – I think they should make a daily dose of Erma book where you could read a column every day.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone. For some columns, it would take being a wife or mother to truly understand her point, but they are all very well written. I could not pick a favorite one, but I would read the ones about missing socks any day.

What is your favorite Erma Bombeck column? Comment below!

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