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“The key to this grand way of living life is submitting to God’s version of fulfillment and abundance instead of insisting He bless, approve, and put the final stamp on our version of things.”

What if, instead of creating our bucket lists off of things we want to do, we create them based on what God wants us to do? The idea of this kind of to-do list is explored by Teresa Tomeo in God’s Bucket List. The author does not dare say the book’s topics are inspired just to her but that they are based on what the Bible has to say about what God wants for our lives.

I heard Tomeo speak at a local event a few weeks ago and added several of her books to my to-read list. God’s Bucket List was the only one available as an e-book through my library’s Overdrive app. It was checked out to me soon after I requested it. Tomeo is a Catholic radio program host and author of several books. She used to work in the news industry and now runs her own public relations business. For more about the author, visit www.teresatomeo.com.

God’s Bucket List is a quick, but inspiring read. She focuses on eight habits to improve upon in our lives. She talks about living in the stillness and trying to stop the busyness of our lives. She states that God wants us to live out our passion, but be open to His instruction. She ends with my favorite in the book – live like you’re loved. We can live with confidence in God’s love. There are also many resources listed in the book to help the reader implement the habits on the bucket list.

I would recommend this book to any Christian looking to read an inspirational book for looking at life through God’s eyes. It’s an interesting topic to just ponder even if you don’t read the book – what kind of bucket list would God create for you?

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