Grace by Max Lucado

“We find it easier to trust the miracle of resurrection than the miracle of grace. We so fear failure that we create the image of perfection, lest heaven be even more disappointed in us that we are. The result? The weariest people on earth.”

Grace can be a difficult concept to grasp. Grace is undeserved – time, money, forgiveness or a relationship that just shouldn’t be ours. We have enough difficulty accepting it from other people that to understand grace from God can be almost impossible. Max Lucado explores how we can better understand grace in this book/devotional combo.

Our library was holding an adult summer reading program contest. It was a bingo game and one square was to read a book with one word in the title. Surprisingly, this was not an easy category to find a book for. Not many books out there have only one word in the title. Once I found one, I knew it would be a good once since it was by Lucado. I’ve read many of his books and enjoy his writing style.

Lucado explores several topics related to grace in each chapter of this book. Has grace changed you, strengthened you or softened you? If not, he explores how grace can do such things in your life. Chapters are short and to-the-point with lots of thought-provoking questions. Lucado’s writing style creates a though-provoking but easy to grasp book on a difficult topic.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to deepen his or her faith or just better grasp the concept of grace. I did not do the devotional that was at the end of the book, but saw how the chapters could easily work with a devotional. This book could be a good pick for any adult Bible study group to go through.

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