Gypsy Magic (Book 1 of Gypsy Magic Trilogy) by Tonya Royston


“I had an unshakable fear of horses ever since I had fallen from one on a trail ride. After that, I had sworn never to get near them again, and yet I was now moving to a horse farm.”

Gracyn is about to start her senior year in high school when her mom gets a job offer in Moscow. Not wanting her mother to give up the opportunity, Gracyn offers to stay with her older sister for the year. Her father is not in the picture and she barely knows her sister since her mother gave her sister up for adoption and only told Gracyn about her recently.

I was given a copy of the ebook to review by It is the first in a trilogy and it is not Tonya Royston’s first book. She lives in northern Virginia and I chose the book to review because the plot looked interesting.

Gracyn quickly finds a few friends at her new school, but trouble is brewing as one boy returns after being gone for two years who was accused of murdering his younger sister. Rumors about the town start to reach Gracyn and she wonders what is really going on in the sleepy town. Her sister dodges her questions as long as she can, but when Gracyn’s sight becomes perfect overnight and she starts hearing conversations too far away for normal ears to hear, the truth about their lineage comes out.

With the protagonist being a high schooler, I think the book is geared toward high school and college readers. I think the plot is interesting and the book left me with some answers, but curious as to how the story continues. The author does a lot of telling instead of showing and sometimes gets repetitive. It would be a good beach read for the young adult age group. It ends up being a fantasy/sci-fi type book set in the drama of high school life. It would be for a mature reader as there is murder, teenage drinking and a friend’s father trying to force himself on a teenager (18).

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