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The Horse Dancer

“It was a terrible thing to discover you no longer wanted the life that stretched ahead of you.”

Sarah and Natasha’s paths cross one night when Sarah is shoplifting a box of frozen fish sticks, claiming her money fell out of her pocket. Natasha pays for the teen’s food and offers her a ride home. Walking her to the door, they notice the apartment has been broken into and Natasha realizes Sarah is alone – her grandfather has had a stroke and he is her only living relative. Natasha asks her to stay with her for one night until social services can figure something out. Both Sarah and Natasha have complicated lives, yet they might be good for each other in the end.

I have read the Me Before You series by JoJo Moyes and really enjoyed how she brings characters to life. Horse Dancerhas been on my to-read list for a while as it was the last book club choice for a mom’s book club I was in last year. It took a while for it to become available from my library through Overdrive. I took my time with this book and enjoyed the story.

In Horse Dancer, Sarah is learning to be a spectacular horse rider from her grandfather. He is trying to get her ready for an academy in France where he rode before marrying Sarah’s grandmother. When Natasha takes Sarah in, her almost ex-husband comes back to live in “their” house until it sells and they can split the profits. Social services thinks they are a happily married couple and they have to keep up appearances for Sarah’s sake. Sarah’s horse becomes in jeopardy with her grandfather not there to settle their accounts and Sarah tries to fix the trouble on her own. All the characters learn important lessons about life, loyalty and love.

The Horse Dancer is a really good, interesting read. It is for adults as Sarah is assaulted at one point of the book and marital affairs are referenced. Readers who enjoy being immersed in a great story will like this book.

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