In the Middle of the Mess by Sheila Walsh

Middle of the Mess

“How do you live an authentic life with God? It always starts with the truth.”

There is some mess in all of our lives. We often try to hide it and show others a life that is put together. If we were to share our truth about our messy, broken lives, we would probably find many others who are facing the same struggles and could support each other. In the Middle of the Mess is all about putting forward a life that is authentic and finding strength in sharing our messy lives with each other. Sheila Walsh uses her own story of being a Christian television personality who had a mental breakdown and spent time in a mental institution to show how to bravely live a truthful life.

My daughters have read one of Sheila Walsh’s children books (Gigi, God’s Little Princess), so when I saw a book by her was available through Handlebar reviews, I requested it. I received a free copy in exchange for a fair review.

Sheila Walsh goes through several helpful steps in the book to become a person who is secure in God and can live an authentic life. She is very honest in the struggles she has faced in life with anxiety and loneliness. She uses examples from her own life in each chapter as she talks about letting go, not hiding, being brave, finding friends, rejecting lies and not feeling shame. It is a great resource for those who are struggling with areas in their lives that they feel like hiding.

I would highly recommend this book to any adult who is struggling in life. The authenticity of this book is very much like Lysa TerKeurst’s Uninvited, Ann Voskamp’s The Broken Way and Shauna Niequist’s Present Over Perfect. They don’t read as self-help books, but as “let me come walk along with you” books.

Do you struggle with authenticity? Have you read a book that has helped you? Comment below!

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