It Hurts But It’s Necessary by Pastor Henry McMullen

It Hurts But It's Necessary

“If you still have a pulse, you still have a purpose.”

Why do bad things happen? It’s question we all think from time to time. Pastor Henry McMullen has written a short book sharing about how the bad things that happened in his life – his sister died, his mother died and then his wife was lost to cancer. As a single parent, he faced financial difficulties and had to sell their house and move into an apartment. Yet, he held to his faith. How?

I was contacted by the book’s publisher to write a review through my blog. I was given a free copy of It Hurts But It’s Necessary in exchange for a fair review. The premise of the book sounded very inspirational.

In six chapters, McMullen explores Biblical characters and verses that can help people going through times that hurt. He explores how David helped his best friend’s son, even though he was lame from being dropped by his nurse. He compares Jesus bringing a man up front to heal his hand to letting go of control. Some hurts are out of our control completely, like with someone being born with a medical condition. Yet, God can be glorified through that person. McMullen reminds his readers that God is not silent and that hurts can be necessary for growth, like getting shots. He wanted to share his story because we all have scars from life and if we are brave and share those with others, we can help each other through our hurt.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through a rough time and needs to refocus on how God interacts in people’s lives. There are many comforting stories and verses all throughout the book, so it is aimed at Christians.

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