Kingdom Come by Justin Coogle

Kingdom Come

“The night can’t last forever. Just hold out a little longer. The night can’t last forever.”

Jason Collins is part of an elite team that works out of the Vatican. He’s not a priest or a missionary or even a teacher – he’s a demon hunter, trained to track and eliminate demons across the globe. He finds himself on probation after not following protocol and having to prove himself puts him in several precarious situations. At one encounter, he loses a teammate, but they capture two witches who might help them track some bigger demons. Little do they know who the witches actually entice to the Vatican.

I was asked by the author to review Kingdom Come through my blog. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for a fair review. The plot seemed very interesting.

When the two witches attract a very powerful demon to the Vatican, Jason is one of the only Demon Hunters who realizes that someone among their midst is actually working for the other side. Jason has but hours to convince his team not only to help him fight the demons, but to destroy the person they trusted for leadership. It makes for a long night and not everyone can survive.

Kingdom Come is a nice mix of fantasy and religious writing. The characters come alive rather quickly and the plot is intriguing. Having people battle and destroy demons with state-of-the-art equipment is enough to hold my attention. I would recommend this book to high school readers and older due to the violence and spiritual warfare talked about in this book.

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