Lovesick by Jacqueline Levering Sullivan


“Chocolate’s been known to cure even the worst case of lovesickness.”

When a teenage girl finds herself in love with her best friend’s boyfriend, she fights hard to leave him alone. He treats her like his best buddy and when he gets sick, he leans on her more and more until they can’t deny the spark. Lovesick is a bittersweet teenage love story shows the importance of friendship.

The author asked me to review this book through my blog. The synopsis of Lovesick sounded interesting and I agreed to receive the book in exchange for a fair review.

Set in the 1950s, there is an innocence to the teenagers in this story that isn’t often found in new young adult fiction. Jeanmarie is best friends with Terry, but Terry is spending more and more time with her boyfriend, Chuck. Chuck and Jeanmarie have always been friends, but as Chuck and Terry fight more and more, he starts spending more time with Jeanmarie. Then, Chuck gets injured and is diagnosed with cancer. Their carefree teenage years turn into a place where death is lurking and it affects all of them in different ways. Can Jeanmarie and Terry’s friendship survive if Jeanmarie ends up with Chuck as her boyfriend instead? Can any of them survive if Chuck doesn’t?

Lovesick is a good short novel for young adults. There is a seriousness to it as it deals with friendship, love and death. As an adult, I wanted the book to go deeper, but I think it provides enough for young adults to think about such topics without getting weighted down. Mature high schoolers would enjoy this book.

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