Maiden’s Blush and Phantom Poetry by Kayla Lowe

Maiden's Blush Phantom Poetry

“No one should be reduced to feeling as frightened as a hunted animal. Would she forever hold such fear inside?”

After living a very sheltered life, Katrina is thrown into the snow after being assaulted by a family friend. Even though she is a college graduate in search of a job, her father’s wealth has left her wanting for nothing and with no exposure to the harshness of life. Found in the snow by a stranger, she finds herself not wanting to go back home, but wanting time by herself to figure out who she truly is and what she really wants in life.

I was asked by the author to review Maiden’s Blush and her book Phantom Poetry through my blog. I was given free copies in exchange for fair reviews. The plot for Maiden’s Blush sounded interesting and I was curious what the poetry would be like since it is based on The Phantom of the Opera (which I recently saw off-Broadway).

Katrina accepts a job from Jack where she can live in his mansion. Just as she begins to feel comfortable, Jack’s friend Eric comes for an extended visit. A love triangle begins and only Katrina’s heart will give everyone a true answer – if she can get a chance to listen to it.

Maiden’s Blush is a quick, sweet love story with a Christian theme of redemption. The love triangle is a nod to the Phantom of the Opera. The book would be a good beach read, but I found two parts semi-unbelievable. First, no one researches who Katrina is or what her father does. Also, the love triangle happens very fast for someone who was looking for a job.

Phantom Poetry is also a quick read and follows the plot of Phantom of the Opera with rhyming poetry. Fans of Phantom would enjoy it.

Are you a fan of the Phantom of the Opera? Comment on the blog with your favorite part!

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