A Medley of Modern-Day Miracles by John P. Herzog 1

Modern-Day Miracles

“All of the orphans in the orphanage that day learned that there was indeed truth that prayer is powerful.”

Miracles are not often thought about in our modern-day society. They are legends from Biblical times when people were healed, made to see or brought back to life. John P. Herzog believes that miracles do happen in modern-day life. He has had several friends, family members and acquaintances tell him stories that cannot be explained by science.

A Medley of Modern-Day Miracles was available at church one day for members since Herzog attends the church. I picked one up because I love hearing stories about miracles. My own mother was rescued from a river while tubing only to look up and see no one there. My husband knows a nun who was healed from MS after visiting Medjugorje. I also recently read Eric Metaxas’ book on Miracles (read the review here). I picked up the book wanting to know more miraculous stories.

Herzog shares 22 miraculous stories in this book. The opening quote above is from an orphan who prays for his mother to come claim him after several years and she does the next day, saying she felt God telling her to go get her son at the same time he was praying. Another story is about a man who veered off the road in Jeep that should have crashed into two trees, but made it through. The measurements afterwards show there was no way a Jeep could fit between the two trees. One of the stories is like my mother’s where someone is rescued from rafting in a river and looks up to find no one there.

Some of the stories are more about how prayers are answered then something miraculous happening, but the ones that are true miracles did give me goosebumps. The stories are not attributed, though, so it’s hard to establish the true credibility of the stories.

I would recommend the book to people who enjoy reading about miracles or answered prayers. The book does deal with death in a few stories, so it’s for high school age students and adults. It’s an easy and quick read and less than $6 on Amazon.

Do you have any experience with miracles? If so, share your story in the comments below.

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