Michael Vey Series (Books 1-6) by Richard Paul Evans 3


“Why is it that good always has to fight an uphill battle?”
I thought for a moment, then said, “I don’t know. Maybe that’s the point. Good things are higher up.” (From Michael Vey 5: Storm of Lightning)

Michael Vey is electric. He has known since he was young that he could “spark” electricity from his body. His father died when he was young and he and his mother have moved several times to keep his abilities secret. After fighting off a bully due to his having Tourette’s syndrome, a girl at his school tells him she has powers, too. Taylor can read thoughts. They come to realize they were born at the same hospital in the same year. A situation they both had thought was unique may actually have several members. However, as soon as they both realize there are others out there with powers, someone who has been kidnapping all the “special children” finds them out.

I have read almost all of Richard Paul Evans books (The latest review is of his book, The Mistletoe Secret), but had not read any of his young adult series. My daughter was looking for something to read, so I suggested the series to her. She told me I really should read them, too, so I did. Now, we are both anxiously awaiting the seventh book that will come out this fall.

Hatch, the man who has been kidnapping the children, uses them to move forward his plan to control electrical power for the whole world and get rich and powerful in the process. Michael sets out to rescue his mom and Taylor and quickly realizes he needs to fight against Hatch instead of join him. Thus begins the formation of the Electroclan, a group of “powerful” kids working against Hatch. The series goes through all their trials and exploits as they fight Hatch.

The books are very well written and deal with truth, loyalty, friendship and doing what is right no matter the cost. It is written for upper middle school ages and older (there is suspense, torture, death and seriously evil plotting by Hatch). Adults who like science fiction or stories of good vs. evil would enjoy the series, too.

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