Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell 1

Nothing is Strange

“I think that maybe we only cry because we don’t understand what is going on. Maybe if we understood what is really going on we wouldn’t cry at all, ever.”

Books of short stories are often fun to read. They require less commitment as you can read a story and put it down until another time. They also often require the author to delve deeper into the story faster so you can get the full story in a few pages. In Nothing is Strange, Mike Russell provides his readers with 20 “strange” short stories that are definitely unique.

I was asked to review Russell book Strange Medicine several months ago. I enjoyed reading those stories. It was different than what I typically read but the stories were unique and interesting. I was offered a free copy of Nothing is Strange in exchange for a fair review a few months after I reviewed Strange Medicine.

Some of the stories in Nothing is Strange were a bit “stranger” than the ones in Strange Medicine. Several dealt with more adult topics as well. I enjoyed a few of the stories, but I preferred the writing and characters in Strange Medicine. I enjoyed the story of Dunce, but that one is in both books. The quote above is from that short story where a man teaches another about love and loss.

If you are looking for some interesting short stories that follow very unique storylines, I think you would like this book.

Do you enjoy reading short stories? What are some of your favorite short stories authors? Comment below!

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