One Second After by William R. Forstchen 1

“The enemy will never attack you where you are strongest. . . . He will attack where you are weakest. If you do not know your weakest point, be certain, your enemy will.” 

This book is scary. It tells the fictional story of one town after an EMP takes out power to the entire United States. An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse that can destroy anything electronic that hasn’t been hardened. A nuclear explosion going off above the atmosphere can create this. Solar flares have been known to cause an EMP as well.
This book is high on the to-read list of any “prepper.” A sequel is coming out mid-September called One Year After. I got the ebook when it was on sale. It’s been on my to-read list for a while.
The main character, John, is a widower with two daughters. The youngest child has type 1 diabetes. When the EMP hits, John thinks it’s just a power outage until he starts realizing none of the cars are working – except older models, which his mother-in-law drives up to the house with. After getting his girls home safe, John watches as the world starts falling apart.
While it’s not a perfectly written novel and can be tedious at times, the author does a good job of creating a story that also teaches what an EMP could and would do to our way of life. No power, no medical supplies, low food supplies, violence and lots of people dying. This book will make any reader consider what they should do to prepare for such an event.
One thing I really liked about this dystopian novel more than others I’ve read is that the human spirit keeps fighting. There is no, “Well, this is how it’s going to be now.” The town is constantly looking for ways to improve life from finding ways to get cars going again to training college students to be a local militia.
I would recommend this book to any adult so they can learn what an EMP could do. It would make a good present to a friend or relative that you want to consider starting prepping. It would also be a good book club book as there is a lot to consider and discuss.
If this type of event ever does occur, God help us all!

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