One Year After by William R. Forstchen

“He felt a deep swelling of pride but also anguish. It was the torment all loving parents feel when they see their child making a difficult and perhaps dangerous decision as an adult when, in memory, they still see the small innocent child of years long gone.”

It’s been two years since EMPs took the power out across the majority of the world. The little town of Black Mountain in North Carolina has settled into their new way of life after fighting a war for their town shortly after the EMP attack. The local university has become a place where the focus is on improving the future – creating antibiotics and ether, trying to create water-driven power and military training. Now, the government is coming into the pictures, but can they be trusted?
This book is a sequel to One Second After. It’s been six years since the author published the first book and there will be a third book in the series.
John Matherson is the main character and one of the leaders in the town. He has remarried to a nurse who was stuck in his town when the power went off. He still mourns his daughter who died from diabetes due to lack of insulin. His other daughter is now a single mother after the boy’s father died in the battle for the town. John has to decide what is best for her and the town when draft notices get sent out and she is included. The nearby face of the government offers him a way out – be promoted and serve as major general and cut the draft in half. He debates accepting when news starts filtering in from BBC about the U.S. being willing to nuke its own cities and citizens to bring order. Can he stick to his moral convictions and save the town at the same time?
I read this book rather quickly as the story progressed nicely. The author picked right back up with the characters and came up with a plausible future after an EMP. I do appreciate that he has the characters fighting to bring order and improve their lives. Humans are constantly inventing and making their lives better. While I hope we never have to face this scenario, Fortschen gives a good glimpse into what could really happen to our country if something like this occurred.
I would highly recommend this book, but only after you have read One Second After.

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