Online Book Club: The Last Days of Night, part 1 5

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It’s time to kick off the online book club for The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore. For today’s questions, please only discuss parts from Chapters 1-36. If you have finished the book already, please don’t give out any spoilers. We’ll discuss the entire book on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

You can discuss the questions in the comments section below on the blog or join us on Facebook.

Thanks for joining us! I’ll post details about March’s book next week!

Please only comment up to the end of Chapter 36.

  1. Did you know much about Edison or Westinghouse before reading this book? If not, what are your impressions of these two men? If so, have your impressions of them changed?
  2. This is a book of historical fiction (the author highlights what is factual in the back of the book). What is something about history you learned from the book?
  3. Contrast Tesla’s motivations to Edison’s and Westinghouse’s.
  4. Do you think Paul will succeed in the lawsuit against Edison?
  5. Do you think the fire was accidental or set on purpose by Edison?
  6. Why is the search for power such a powerful drive for some people? And not for others?
  7. Do you like Agnes? What are your thoughts on her relationship with her mother?

Thank you for reading with us and stopping by to discuss The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore!

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