Online Book Club: The Truth According to Us, Part 1 5

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Today is the day! It’s time to kick off the online book club. For today’s questions, please only discuss parts from Chapters 1-28. If you have finished the book already, please don’t give out any spoilers. We’ll discuss the entire book on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

You can discuss the questions in the comments section below on the blog or join us on Facebook.

Thanks for joining us! I’ll post details about February’s book next week!

Please only comment up to the end of Chapter 28.

  1. What are your thoughts on the book so far?
  2. Do you like the letters or do you find them distracting?
  3. Who are your favorite and least favorite characters and why?
  4. The point of view changes between Jottie, Layla and Willa. Do you find this distracting or does it help your understanding of the plot?
  5. What do you think about Felix and Jottie’s relationship?
  6. The Truth According to Us is set in a small town where everyone seems to know everyone else. Have you ever lived in a situation like that? Would you find living in Macedonia appealing or stifling? With our multiple forms of instantaneous communication, it could be said that the entire world has become a small town. Do you agree? Do you think we live in a more or less anonymous world now? (This question is from the publisher.)
  7. What do you think will happen in the last half of the book?

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