Merry and Bright
“Christmas is a condition of the heart.” In Merry and Bright, Merry is working a temp job to save money for school that will end just after Christmas. Her boss, Jayson, just seems to make her and her coworkers lives difficult as he makes overtime mandatory, won’t let them eat […]

Merry and Bright by Debbie Macomber

2018 Online Book Club
2018 Online Book Club The Online Book Club for 2018 is going to try a variety of ways to discuss books, including Facebook groups, an online forum and videos. Feel free to give me feedback on what method you like best for discussing books! I have made all the choices […]

2018 Online Book Club list of books

A House Among Trees
“Secretly famous. Which is the best kind of famous, believe me.” A chance meeting on a playground leaves Tomasina (“Tommy”) and her brother forever connected to a famous children’s author. The brother is captured in a book that makes author Mort Lear famous. Tommy is offered her first job by […]

A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass

Drone Warrior
“Hunting terrorists was a rough existence. It was a stressful job and I had to give up a lot to do it right.” Brett Velicovich joined the Army after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. He wanted to help America fight its enemy. Little did he know that his path […]

Drone Warrior by Brett Velicovich

The Third Man
“We never get accustomed to being less important to other people than they are to us …” Rollo Martins shows up in Vienna at the request of his friend, only to find out it’s the day of his friend’s funeral. The Third Man is set in post-WWII Vienna where the […]

The Third Man by Graham Greene

Simply Tuesday 2
“The soul and the schedule don’t follow the same rules.” Ordinary doesn’t mean what we tend to make it mean. Ordinary comes from the word “ordinal,” which means “to count.” Ordinary time is the time to make the days count. In the ordinary days, such as Tuesday, we have a […]

Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman

Sarah Anne's 12 Books of Christmas
It’s the holiday season! Time for Sarah Anne’s 12 Books of Christmas! I love reading holiday books to put me in a festive mood! I’ve compiled a list of 12 holiday-themed books that I highly recommend. This list is below or print out the PDF below as a reference! If […]

Sarah Anne’s 12 Books of Christmas

The Good Girl
“I let this stay because I know one thing: this girl might just change my life.” A young art teacher is missing. The detective on the case has very few leads. Her parents worry in their own way – her mother is distraught and her father thinks she is off […]

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

Martin Luther 5
“Ideas have consequences, and Luther’s had more than most.” Some people really do change the course of history. One such man was Martin Luther, a man who set out to help the Catholic Church change for the better, but ended up being pushed aside. His message was heard and the […]

Martin Luther by Eric Metaxas

Radium Girls
Welcome to the online book club for The Radium Girls by Kate Moore. I thought this book was about something else, but I am so glad I read it! I want to read more about the women who worked on The Manhattan Project and I thought The Radium Girls was about them, […]

Online Book Club: The Radium Girls by Kate Moore