Pearl and Blue Sky by Brian Kindall

Pearl Blue Sky

“Try as she might, the girl couldn’t go back to life as it had been before that horrible shadow had cast its chill over her peaceful world.” – Pearl

Short stories can be fun to read, giving the reader a break from long novels. Pearland Blue Skyare both short stories or novellas about some mystical experiences. Pearlis about a statue of a girl who is pulled from the water by a young diver. She has thoughts and feelings, but can do nothing about them. She loves the diver, but as he gets older, he sells her because he needs money more than the companionship of a statue. In Blue Sky, a baby is found by an ibex in the mountains after a mountain climber falls to his death. Her mother is a statue of a woman found at the peak of the mountains. She is raised by the ibex and feels at peace until she meets another human.

The author of the books contacted me through my blog to review another of his books, Delivering Virtue. I declined reading that one as it was sexually graphic, but he offered Pearland Blue Skyin its place. I’m glad he offered some other of his books because these two stories were very interesting. I was given free copies of the books in exchange for a fair review.

Both books have elements of fantasy and mysticism in them and are great for middle school readers or older. The reader can see the world from the point of view of the statue in Pearland the young woman in Blue Sky. Lessons of finding and following your dreams can be found throughout both stories. The endings, while unexpected, are both very satisfying.

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Blue Sky  

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