Practice Makes Purpose by C. Paul Schroeder

“Gratitude is the secret of happiness.”

Sometimes reexamining the small habits in our lives can help us change for the better. In Practice Makes Purpose, there are six main areas we should focus on in life to live to our full potential. The author is a former minister and has studied many different spiritual practices to focus in on these six areas.

I was contacted by the author to review Practice Makes Purpose through my blog. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair review. I’m always looking for good inspirational books, so I agreed to read this one.

The six areas focused on in Practice Makes Purpose are compassionate seeing, heartfelt listening, intentional welcoming, joyful sharing, grateful receiving and cooperative building. Once read, the areas make sense – be compassionate, listen, be welcoming and joyful, be grateful and look to cooperate with people. Each chapter goes more in-depth on each topic and gives the reader a mantra, a challenge and examples of the area in practice.

People who want a quick, but practical book to help them reexamine their lives and how they can live it better will like this book. While it focuses on the spiritual side of our lives, it isn’t overtly Christian, in fact, it focuses more on how our lives affect the universe.

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