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“By doing exactly the same things we did yesterday, but with a new mind-set, we are able to inject incredible meaning into the most mundane things – to take something as ordinary as washing the dishes and transform it into a conversation with God …”

What does it take to be truly happy? Each day passes, more busy than the last, but most people just let themselves be busy and don’t actively pursue what can truly make them happy. We resist happiness when we do things that we really don’t want to do and know won’t really make us happy. When we can recognize and stop resisting, we can find true happiness.

Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly is written in a daily study style. There are 37 chapters each discussing a topic relating to how a person can stop resisting happiness. I received a free copy of this book at church at the beginning of Lent. While it doesn’t clearly say, I think the book is meant to be read during Lent – a chapter a day except Sunday and the three holy days before Easter (that adds up to 37). Matthew Kelly helps run a site called and they had a daily video email with questions during Lent as part of their Best Lent Ever program. I signed up for the daily emails, but read the book as a book instead of a daily read.

Kelly discusses a range of topics in the book to enforce the idea that happiness is within reach. He talks about living in the present, changing small moments to intentional moments, delaying gratification and spending time with God. Through the book, Kelly tells his story of how he has grown as a Christian and learned (and relearned) the lessons he is sharing. His honestly makes it feel like a friend giving advice instead of someone preaching at the reader.

I would highly recommend this book to any Christian high schooler or older. It would be best to read one chapter a day. There are key points, questions and action steps at the end of each chapter to ponder. Using a journal while reading would be helpful, too. It would be a very good book to read during Lent.

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