Rising Tide Series by Lynn Steigleder

Rising Tide series

“The scene was surreal. A large vessel had planted itself firmly along the side of the Orion. Neither vessel was moving. It’s as though they’ve been fused together on contact.”

The ocean waters have risen, leaving very little livable land on Earth and only one source of oil out in the oceans. Ben Adams works out on the rig doing a few weeks at dive duty clearing the underwater equipment. His shift ends and during the days it takes to rise to the surface, a hurricane hits and destroys the equipment and he can’t reach any survivors, if there are any. Yet, a ship finds his submarine just a day or two after he reaches the surface. He is taken aboard and then things take a strange turn.

I was asked by Lynn Steigleder to review his book Terminal Core, which was a little more into the sci-fi genre than I usually like. He offered his Rising Tide series as on that was a little less sci-fi and he mailed me copies in exchange for a fair review. There are three books in the series right now.

Aboard the ship, Ben meets the crew and discovers a woman aboard named Eve, who is being transported to be sold. A yellow orb starts leading the ship as the captain is drunk most of the time. Then, they come to a stop by an island and are taken to a place where time stands still and Ben, Eve and their companions discover they are a part of a plan to re-establish the world in an alternate universe, where they have to defeat evil – over and over again.

I often found myself confused while I was reading the plot as the series mixes dystopian, sci-fi and spiritual themes. There are allusions to Christianity’s stories, but they are not super clear. Then, there are many new creatures with unique names that are hard to keep straight. I do see fans of sci-fi liking this series or readers who like Ted Dekker style plots where good has to fight evil.

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