Rush Revere and the Presidency by Rush Limbaugh 2

“‘Well done, young man. Being president is certainly not easy but it is an honor that the people have chosen you as their leader,’ President Washington said, nodding at Cam.”

Written and released during an election year, Rush Revere and the Presidency brings leadership lessons to life with a student council election. Cam wants to run for student council president, but has no campaign plan and only has the goal of having fun and being cool. Rush Revere offers to help him and teaches him the whys and hows of leadership by taking Cam back in time to meet George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

I have read all the books in the Rush Revere series so far since my children have read them, too. They have all been very entertaining while teaching kids a lot about history. They are being written chronologically, starting with the pilgrims and going through the first presidencies.

As Cam starts to learn lessons on how he should campaign, he starts to realize that leadership positions should be used to help the people, not for personal gain or popularity. In the journeys back in time, he sees how our first presidents served almost reluctantly because they would have rather enjoyed a simple life.

I did laugh a time or two with Liberty (the time-traveling horse), but I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the others in the series. The focus of topics in the first books were wider and gave more interesting scenarios. The narrow focus of the last book teaches lessons, but doesn’t have the most interesting events to go back in time and “see.”

Any child who loves history would like any of the Rush Revere books, but they probably should be read in order to understand the character relationships. These books are a great way to expose children to history in a fun way. I do still highly recommend them. Hopefully book six will be about a more exciting time in history.

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