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Any Dream Will Do The Rooster Bar Modern-Day Miracles  Best Intentions The Woman in the Window The Johnstown Flood

Sarah Anne’s January 2018 Bookshelf

I ended up reading 14 books this month! It’s more than I thought I would read, but I was sick for almost a week and instead of watching TV, I read. I’m trying to work through the books I already have on my bookshelf this year. Here is what I put on my read bookshelf this month:

Any Dream Will Do

Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber

This was a beautiful redemptive love story between an ex-con and a pastor who is widowed with two children. The characters were different than the typical Macomber characters.

The Rooster Bar

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

A couple law students realize that the odds of them getting a good-paying job after graduating from the mediocre school are slim and they take their future into their own hands. Not a typical trial story from Grisham.

Modern-Day Miracles

A Medley of Modern-Day Miracles, Volume 2 by John Herzog

This book adds several more miracle stories to Herzog’s collection. It’s a great addition to the first volume.

Travels with Vamper

Travels with Vamper: A Graybeard’s Journey by George Crichtlow

Deciding what to do after retirement has one man buying a van, turning it into a camper and traveling around the country. This memoir is full of commentary of the current climate of the country.

Best Intentions

Best Intentions by Erika Raskin

This thriller had me guessing to the very end what would happen to the main character who is facing trial for murder. Her life is full of discontent with her life as a wife and mother, but working at the same hospital as her husband lets her find out secrets that will change her life.

The Woman in the Window

Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

This book also had me guessing to the very end. The main character has faced a traumatic event and can’t bring herself to leave her New York City apartment, so she watches the neighbors. Her sanity is questioned when she witnesses a crime, but there is no evidence.


Revenents: The Odyssey Home by Scott Kaufman

Betsy’s world changes when her brother dies in Vietnam. Acting up in school leads her to a punishment of volunteering at the local VA, where she discovers a man kept away from all the others because they don’t know his name.

The Johnstown Flood

The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough 

 The Johnstown Flood is a very devastating tragedy that could have been avoided. History can be fascinating and McCullough tell the story of this event in a way that you will never forget about it.

A Simplified Life

A Simplified Life by Emily Ley

Finding ways to simplify your life so you can enjoy it more is the goal of this book. The easy-to-follow suggestions in all areas of life made it an easy read and have me already decluttering my home.

Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Social Media Marketing All-In-One for Dummies

I read this book to help me with this blog. It has great tips for anyone looking to be a blogger.

Smart Money, Smart Kids

Smart Money, Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze

Parents need all the help they can get and this book has great tips for teaching children money management where they can learn before going out into the real world. While I don’t follow all the Ramsey advice, I did pick up some great tips for helping teach my children money management.

Fred's Funeral

Fred’s Funeral by Sandy Day

This book is told from the point of view of Fred’s ghost as he listens to his family talk about him after he dies. He wants to set the record straight about his military service and time afterward, but feels helpless as he can only listen to their conversations.

The Grace of Yes

The Grace of Yes by Lisa M. Hendey

I saw Lisa M. Hendey at a Women’s Conference and bought her new book. It has great tips on how to life a faith-based life with graces from God.

Discipline Equals Freedom

Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual by Jocko Willink

This book tells it like it is – if you want to get better, don’t find motivation, but be disciplined. If you want to wake up early, then wake up early. This field manual will inspire you to take control of your life with discipline.

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