Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau

Side Hustle

“Every month or two, take a step back and have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself specific, open-ended questions about how things are going.” 

Who wouldn’t want to make more money – especially doing something that particularly interests you? Side Hustle is all about finding ways to create a way to increase your income with another business opportunity. Chris Guillebeau goes step-by-step on how to figure out a good side hustle idea and then make that idea come alive and thrive. Some of the best stories in the book are people who take the side hustle from “side” to full-time and end up making money doing something they truly love.

I came across Chris Guillebeau on Twitter and looked at the books he had written. Side Hustle seemed the most interesting since I had recently proofread a book that was about a family making a lot of money from a Website that is an online storefront. While I haven’t quite found my side hustle yet (so far book blogging doesn’t bring in the big books – but my books may one day), I found this book easy and interesting to read. It was available rather quickly as an ebook from my local library.

Side Hustle takes the reader through all the stages of creating a side business. Drafting ideas, business plans and a financial forecast are all covered right away. There’s usually not a lot of initial investment besides a Web site or Facebook page to start up a side business, which can be anything from a craft, teaching lessons, crafting resumes, giving consultations, face painting and tutoring. Guillebeau doesn’t just take the reader to the initial success, but then also gives tips on how to grow a business and not let it take over your life. His best tip is to make sure to review everything every month or two to see if there’s anything that could be changed to make it better.

“These might help: What’s working well with this hustle, and how can I develop that (or those things) further? Is there anything about this hustle that I could automate or outsource? What could I do to make more money without spending a great deal more time? Could I increase the price of the offer(s) associated with this hustle?”

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to start a side business – from people working full-time to stay-at-home moms looking to make some money. 

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