Soprano Trouble by Victoria Kimble 3

“Summer decided not to worry about Pilar. Everything that had happened was over. Her friends were all back together and everything was back to normal. Cammie was just a jokester; Summer knew that. She always had been. Surely Pilar knew that it was just a joke that went horribly wrong. Anyway, Summer had apologized, and Pilar had forgiven her. Forgiveness meant that you don’t have to worry about whatever happened anymore, right?”

Middle school is a tough age for most kids. Choices are made in how to dress, act and what to believe. Sometimes friendships end, but new ones begin. It’s the age where children start the transition to adulthood and have to decide what kind of person they want to become.

Soprano Trouble by Victoria Kimble brings to life the struggle of one such middle-schooler, Summer McKidd. I received and advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair review. I thought it might be something one of my daughters might read, so I wanted to check it out first.

Summer is part of the choir in school with her childhood friends. However, when they start becoming mean to the girl chosen for a concert solo, Summer must decide if just standing on the sidelines is good enough. After getting in some trouble by following along with her friends, she gets the chance to know the girl who is being made fun of and realizes she is a nice person. Friendships are tough to give up and Summer wants to be loyal. She turns to her parents and older sister for advice, but the decision is hard and only Summer can make it.

Soprano Trouble was an easy read and the story was well developed. I enjoyed the characters and feel Kimble did a great job capturing middle school thoughts and emotions. She creates the dynamic with Summer and her friends and Summer at home as the middle child. This is the first book in the series and I would like to read the rest when they come out. I think the books are appropriate for older elementary aged children and up. It is geared more towards girls.

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