Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood by Mandy Arioto


“Loving big takes courage. … It moves intentionally toward relationships instead of finding differences. It refuses to believe there isn’t hope. And it leaves a door open just enough to let the light shine through so no one feels afraid.”

Every mother needs encouragement every now and again. Motherhood is hard at times and finding other mothers to talk to can make it a bit easier. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a group that offers support to mothers and this year they came out with a devotional-type book to go along with the curriculum they offer the group members worldwide. Each member gets a book with membership that has short blurbs, but Starry-Eyed is a more in-depth book.

I decided to buy the book since I’ve enjoyed the topics covered by MOPS as a member last year. There are 28 chapters in the book and I read one chapter a day during the work-week. Each chapter has thought-provoking questions at the end for those who journal or want to dig deeper.

The book covers motherhood, womanhood, marriage, being comfortable in our own skin, facing fears, seeing the need for both darkness and light and finding rest, among others. I really enjoyed going through the book slowly and plan to re-read it at some point next year with a journal to dig deeper through the questions. While MOPS is a Christian based organization, the book is not heavy on Bible verses or Christian themes. It is more about motherhood and life, but there is a Christian foundation that can be seen in the writings. That is why I would call it a devotional-type book, but not a devotional.

I would recommend this book to any mother who needs some encouragement, but also wants to look deeper at life. You do not need to be a part of a MOPS group to enjoy the book, but it would work good as a group study.

Buy the book here (affiliate link).

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