Still Me by JoJo Moyes

Still Me

“I thought how lucky you might be to find not one but two extraordinary men to love – and what a fluke it was if they happened to love you back.”

Louisa Clark is back in Still Me and living her dream by moving to New York City. Her job is to be a personal assistant to a wealthy woman who feels isolated in her new role as wife and mother. Louisa leaves behind her family and boyfriend and in the difficult moments, she wonders if she can both follow her dreams and keep the people she loves close. Her first love, Will Trainor, is never far from her mind as his mother sent Louisa his letters from when he lived in NYC.

I read the first book in this trilogy, Me Before You, for a book club two years ago. I read the second book, After You, shortly after to continue the story. I really enjoyed both books, so when I heard a third book was being published, I requested the e-book from the library. It was highly sought after as I waited a few months for it to become available.

Louisa comes right back alive in this third book that focuses on her finding out who she really wants to be in life. Her relationships are tested. Her career goals are tested. Even her own self-image is tested. Each test brings a life lesson. I don’t want to give too much away because those who love Louisa are going to want to discover her journey without any spoilers. I will say the bumblebee tights do make a cameo and they are part of my favorite scene in the book.

Anyone who read Me Before You and After You will want to pick up this book to find out how Louisa’s story continues. The series is for adults as there are some serious issues addressed in the books, along with romantic relationships. The books would be good for a book club or for summer reading.

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