Sunshine in Spring by Joi Copeland 1


“Her heart rate doubled. If her response to his touch was any indication, guarding her heart would prove to be more difficult than she anticipated.”

Sunshine is a morning radio host for a Christian radio station in Denver. Jilted on her wedding day, she has a hard time opening herself up to the possibility of love again. However, once Camden enters her world, she can’t help but wonder about a relationship with him.

Sunshine in Spring was recommended to me by a family member and the author gave me a free copy in exchange for a fair review. I have not read any of Copeland’s other books, but she has had a few book series published.

Camden has his own relationship issues that stem back to his role in his younger sister’s death. While Sunshine waits until he is ready to open up, she starts receiving odd notes, gifts and phone calls from Patrick – a possible stalker. Camden vows to keep his new girlfriend safe, but that turns out to be harder than he thinks. Patrick has had his eye on Sunshine for a long time.

This book was interesting, but pretty predictable. It is Christian fiction, naming Christian artists and songs playing at the radio station and having the characters pray. It comes naturally for the characters, though. The storyline is serious, so the book is best for high school ages and older. If you enjoy Christian romance fiction with a little suspense, you will enjoy this book and probably others by Copeland.

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