The Art of Fully Living by Tal Gur

Art of Fully Living

“From my experience, pursuing goals from a place of inner peace yields better results.”

Unsatisfaction and unhappiness can be tolerated or it can be a catalyst for change. Tal Gur felt unrest in his life and dared to think if this was really how he wanted to live his life. A night with friends, one of whose dad died at 40, leads him to consider what he would want to do if he only had 10 more years to live. So, he made a list of 100 things and then set out to do them. He would live life fully.

The author requested The Art of Fully Living to be reviewed through my blog. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair review. The book sounded interesting – to see how one man could complete 100 goals in 10 years.

Tal Gur starts his journey by becoming financially stable and then moving to Australia to get a masters degree, learn English and learn how to socialize. Through the years, he tackles fitness, financial freedom, volunteering, finding love, chasing adventure, finding spirituality and learning to be at peace. In each chapter, he goes over a year of his life and describes how and what goals he accomplishes each year. His drive and commitment are commendable and inspirational.

His list of 100 goals is not in the book, but is on his Web site at I do wish it had been included in the book. I think anyone who is curious about having a life coach would enjoy this book. It is like having a life coach on hand to encourage you to take on your dreams. The author does offer coaching through his Web site and has a blog, too.

What dream or goal are you working on reaching right now? I’m training for a 10K. Share yours on the blog!


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