The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson


“I cannot change the mistakes of the past. All I can do is move forward with whatever future my new reality holds.”

Kitty wakes up from a vivid dream where she is married and a mother. Her real life couldn’t be any more different – she is a single woman who runs a small bookshop with her best friend, Frieda. The dream is hard to shake but it’s when she keeps going back to the dream again and again and again that it starts to mess with Kitty’s world. The only things tying the two worlds together are herself, her cat, current events and the city of Denver. The dreams take place just a few months into the future and seem to follow a set timeline. No matter what she tries, almost every time she sleeps, she goes into the dream world.

I am trying to read more of the books I have in my house and on my Kindle this year. The Bookseller was on my Kindle, purchased two years ago because the plot looked interesting. I’m glad I finally got this book to my currently reading and then read pile.

In some ways, Kitty finds her dream world more appealing than her current life. She enjoys having a husband and feeling loved. She sees the children she never had and sees a house full of memories of a full life. After a while, she realizes she hasn’t seen her best friend in her dream and finds out they had a falling out that was never reconciled. When she starts digging and finding other differences, her world is rocked in a way no one around her saw coming. (There may or may not be a wonderful plot twist, so I won’t give away any more details.)

The Bookseller is a great fiction novel and I don’t think many people will end up guessing how the book will end. The book is for adults as there are some scenes with Kitty and her dream husband making love, although not very graphic. With a bookstore, cat and a love story, this book was a perfect choice for me. 

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