The Crystal Mountain by J. Gregory Smith

The Crystal Mountain

“The great crystal was a miracle. He must protect it.”

Eric and Dale are training and living their lives as princes where Eric is the heir to the throne. Dale suffers asthma and weak legs, but his father surprises them with an announcement that Dale is to be the next king. Neither understands until the king takes Dale to the Crystal Mountain in the middle of their island and he learns the spirits in the mountain rule Mineria. They have chosen Dale as king and his father is called to become a spirit. Eric’s anger boils over and he turns to the dark underground spirits that control the cave and wolves on the island. Their forces will clash and put everyone’s lives in danger.

The Crystal Mountain is a young adult book that I was requested to review by the author through my blog. I was given a free copy in exchange for a fair review. I found the book easy to read and follow and the plot was interesting.

When Eric flees the island, he is captured by a nation that wants to take over Mineria. He offers to help them in exchange for kingship over part of the island when they succeed. With several secret weapons, it is almost certain they will win. However, they underestimate the power of the Crystal Mountain.

The Crystal Mountain explores good vs. evil, forgiveness and sacrifice. While the story is set in a made-up place, the new terms and words are easy to follow and it was easy to picture the places and characters. I think young adults middle-school age or older would find the story fascinating. Boys especially would like the battle scenes and the dragon boats.

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