The Daily Question For You and Your Child: A Three-Year Spiritual Journal

Daily Question Journal

“With the frenetic speed of modern life, it’s important to take some intentional time to bond and make lifelong memories.”


As a parent, it’s sometimes hard to have something tangible to show your child’s growing up. Baby books are hard to keep up to date and photos are often “stuck” on phones or computers instead of printed out or put in scrapbooks. A simple journal and pen, along with a few minutes every day to talk with your child, could create a time capsule of your child’s thoughts. The Daily Question For You and Your Child: A Three-Year Spiritual Journal was created with that goal in mind – a lasting, tangible way to record your child’s view of the world.

The Daily Question For You and Your Child: A Three-Year Spiritual Journalcame available as part of the Multnomah-Waterbrook Launch Team book choices and I thought it would be interesting to review as I have a few little children. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair review.

The journal is laid out very simply with a question for each day and three lined paragraphs where you write the year the question was answered and the answer. Topics cover favorites (movie, weather, smell), likes (songs to sing, games to play, things to do on the weekend), feelings, preferences on holidays and what if questions.

The book can be modified to include the parents’ answers as well or to track three children instead of one for three years. The questions are geared more toward children ages 10 or younger. I did note that there is no entry for Feb. 29, which leaves a day without a question in a leap year. There is a way to put a photo of you and your child in the front cover to make it a very personal book. I would highly recommend this for parents of younger children or to give as a gift to parents of young children. Keep it in mind when it gets closer to Christmas and it would be great to start first thing on January 1.

How do you tangibly document your child’s growing up years? Comment on the blog!

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