The Final Day by William R. Forstchen 2

Three years after EMP attacks change the balance of power in the world, America is starting to settle into a world without power. Those who have survived are now parts of communities that work together to farm, hunt, tend to the wounded and try to make things better for the future. However, a government running out of Bluemont wants to create even more order, but no one has seen who is actually running the government. Their aggressive actions have made many people not wanting to trust them.

The Final Day is the third and final book in a series by William R. Forstchen. I read the first two books two years ago – One Second After and One Year After. I enjoyed reading the story and was very curious how Forstchen would wrap the story up. I got on my library’s wait list as soon as the book was released and only had to wait a few weeks to check it out.

John Matherson has been a leader of his town in North Carolina since The Day (when the attack happened). He saw his town through attacks from outsiders and government officials. The local university is the hub where former students are trained as soldiers, work on producing water-powered electricity, experiment with growing antibiotics and grow and hunt for food. The world seems to be calming down as Matherson and his new wife are expecting a child until he receives a message from an old friend suggesting the government is considering attacking citizens in the south. An old computer is found and plugged in, which then encourages some to see if they can monitor any communication out of the Bluemont government. What they end up finding will change America’s future forever.

I would highly recommend this book series to any adult. The threat of an EMP is something everyone should consider since we depend so much upon electricity now. The books need to be read in order to follow the story. It would make a good choice for a book club, as there is a lot to think about after reading these books.

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