The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

The Husband's Secret

“She was making lots of tiny mistakes that would eventually cause everything to fall apart.”

Cecilia happens upon a letter in the attic addressed to her from her husband, but to be read upon his death. She doesn’t open it right away, but wants to tell John Paul that she found it first. He tells her over the phone on his business trip that it’s nothing, but his voice and quick return tell her that something important is written in that letter. As soon as she opens and reads it, her world is forever changed by her husband’s secret.

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty was the November Online Book Club book choice. The plot seemed really interesting and I’ve read What Alice Forgot by the author and knew it would be a captivating, but easy read. November is full of travel, turkey and Christmas preparations, so I knew the book for November had to be something in the interesting fiction category.

The secret in the small Australian town actually weaves together the lives of several men and women. Tess is visiting her mother after being told by her husband and best friend that they are in love with each other. She meets an old flame, Connor, and they connect again. Conner is the target of Rachel, who believes he is acting suspiciously and should pay for a supposed past wrong. As the web spins all their lives tighter together, the secret’s release will lead to peace for some and regret for others.

The Husband’s Secret was a great escape read for me in November. It not only wove together a great story that had me guessing at the ending, but it spoke to relationships between husbands and wives and mothers and daughters. There was a mom trying to hold it all together, but really needed help. There was heartbreak and joy. The characters came alive very quickly and I would recommend this to lovers of a great fiction story, adults only, though, as there is violence and romance.

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