The Magician’s Elephant
by Kate DiCamillo

“Life was so short; so many beautiful things slipped away.”

One night in a small, quiet town, a magician intends to summon up a bouquet of flowers and instead conjurs up an elephant. The townspeople can talk of nothing else, but to one boy, the elephant is a sign of hope.

I have been reading Kate DiCamillo books since my children really like her books. I am enjoying her writing style and the lessons she subtly puts in the plot. A friend recommended I read this one in particular.

Peter’s father died on the battlefield and his mother died shortly after giving birth to his baby sister. His caretaker, a soldier who fought with his father, told him his sister died, but he can’t stop thinking about her. One day, he stops by a fortuneteller who tells him that his sister is alive and that an elephant will lead him to her. There is no elephant in the town until the magician’s magic happens. Peter must find out how the elephant will lead him to his sister and it is a difficult task since one of the rich ladies in town has taken the elephant to her house to be put on display for parties.

This book was full of the extraordinary, family, love and forgiveness. It is a story that you will not forget. Children who would get upset about Peter’s parents’ deaths, the unwell state of Peter’s caretaker or a lady who is crippled when the elephant falls on her should wait until they are older to read this book. I would recommend it for any child in upper elementary to adults. Read it and then remember that I dreamed of snow after reading it.

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