The Proverbs 31 Hero:
A Study of Proverbs 31

by Erin Harris

“The more we can understand the price Jesus paid for you and me, the more we can embrace our worth.”

Almost every Christian woman has hard about the Proverbs 31 woman. It’s a chapter in the Bible that seems to list the perfect woman – a woman who takes care of her husband, children and household and never stops working. Many women read it once and then try to forget it. It’s seems to be an unattainable standard. But, what if women looked at the chapter in a different light by looking at the woman as a hero?

In The Proverbs 31 Hero: A Study of Proverbs 31, Erin Harris tries to examine the chapter in a way women can apply it to their every day lives. The author is an old friend of mine who I just recently reconnected with (military brat lives separated us and Facebook brought us back together).

The study is broken down into 12 chapters dealing the topics found in the chapter. Harris breaks down the history behind the chapter before delving into finding a woman’s worth, work and wisdom, among other things. She also intersperses her own personal stories and life lessons in the book so you feel as if she is going through the book with you.

At the end of each chapter are Digging Deeper sections. It varies by chapter, but it allows the reader to use the book as a devotional lasting close to 12 weeks. Readers will need to have a Bible handy when using the devotional as the author has the reader look up several passages. I printed out Proverbs 31 to use while I was going through the book.

I would recommend this to any woman, especially those married with children. It’s a good devotional for putting Proverbs 31 in perspective and how to use it to improve your day-to-day life.

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About Sarah Anne Carter

Sarah Anne Carter is a writer and reader. She grew up all over the world as a military brat and is now putting down roots with her family in Ohio. Family life keeps her busy, but any spare moment is spent reading, writing or thinking about plots for novels.