What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty 1

“But maybe every life looked wonderful if all you saw was the photo albums.”

A lot happens in 10 years. And, Alice has forgotten it all. Falling off an exercise bike, Alice wakes up thinking it’s 1998 where she is pregnant with her first child and happily married to Nick. At the hospital, she finds out she is not pregnant and going through a divorce, but she cannot remember any of it. Her sister and mother think her memory will be back in just a few days, but after being settled back home – with three children – she starts to see her life with new eyes, or should I say her “old” eyes.

I have seen a lot of books being talked about by Liane Moriarty, so I decided it was about time to read one of them. I had bought What Alice Forgot when I saw it was on sale in my daily BookBub email. I will be reading more Moriarty books soon. She did a great job crafting a storyline that was creative and unique.

Part of the gift of forgetting a decade was that Alice forgot all the fights, disappointments and events that left her busy, mad and sad. Every once in a while, she starts to get glimpses of the past and one name keeps popping up – Gina – and the key to remembering it all seems to hinge on remembering who that person is to her.

This would be a great book club book and it has a very creative plot. My only complaint is that the ending seemed to have dragged on just a little too long, but all the loose ends to get tied up. I did have strange dreams the night I finished the book. It is an adult read as it discusses death, infertility, divorce and affairs.

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