Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter by Scott Adams

Win Bigly

“No matter what you thought of Trump or his policies he certainly was different.”

I remember being very surprised when Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, came out and not only endorsed Trump for President, but predicted he would win. It wasn’t that Adams was a conservative or that he believed in most of Trump’s ideas, he saw what he thought was a master persuader at work and knew it would be effective. In Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter, Adams explains how he came to identify Trump as a master persuader.

I started following Adams during the election and when I saw he was publishing a book about what he saw Trump doing during the election, I put it on hold at the library. The ebook was available after about two months. Adams is still commenting on Trump’s actions if you follow him on social media.

I learned a lot more about Scott Adams, Trump, Clinton and persuasion by reading this book. Adams is a trained hypnotist and evaluates things based on the idea that humans are 90 percent irrational and 10 percent rational. He believes we make the world fit the decisions we make. He also thinks we may be in a simulated environment. He views himself as an ultra-liberal, but couldn’t stomach a high death tax that the Democrats proposed. In Win Bigly, Adams covers successes and mistakes made by both sides in the election. He also shows how Trump was effective by creating visual effects, dominating the news cycle and using slogans and nicknames.

Anyone interested in politics would enjoy this book on either side of the aisle. It’s not a pro-Trump book, but an explanation of what Trump did that was effective. It also covers how to recognize cognitive dissonance in our own lives and readers will be able to start seeing persuasion tactics in the world around them.

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