You’re Worth It! by Danielle Bean

You're Worth It!

“Only in Him can we find affirmation of our true identity as women. Only in him will we find the courage to reject the world’s lies about womanhood.”

Sometimes we all need a reminder that we are people of worth and that God made us for a purpose in this life. Motherhood especially can bog a soul down into a world that is messy, tiring and full of crumbs. Our days should be filled with joy, love, peace and happiness. It can be, if we turn to God for our purpose and worth.

I’ve read a few of Danielle Bean’s other books – Momnipotent and Mom to Mom, Day to Day. I like her writing style and the way she looks to encourage other mothers. I’ve also listened to a few of her podcasts.

You’re Worth It! is a very quick read and would be easy for buys moms to read one chapter at a time and finish in a week. The book focuses on women in the Bible who encountered Jesus and then weaves them to some modern-day story of women. One part that really struck out for me was when she mentioned Jesus did not do the Jewish purification ritual after the woman who had been bleeding for years touched him and was healed. He just wanted to love her and help her. Her faith led to her healing and for Jesus, no purification was needed.

I would recommend this book to any women, but especially mothers. It would make a good gift or stocking stuffer.

What is your favorite book that encourages mothers? Comment below!

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